TSD, a provider of rental vehicle software and loaner management software for more than 20 years and Violation Management Services Inc. (VMS), a global leader in traffic violation administration services for the transportation industry, have jointly announced the formation of a new strategic alliance.

Now, TSD customers using any of TSD’s rental software applications, including the latest “loaner” and “rental.net” software, will have easy access, on a cost-free basis, to VMS’s seamless, technology-based solution to the operational disruptions, cost, and customer service problems associated with unpaid traffic violations.

Additionally, participating TSD customers will benefit from a revenue-sharing arrangement to come from service fees charged to renters or loaners who fail to pay their summons. The recently completed technology enhancements will make available to all TSD customers an electronic link to automate the processing of unpaid parking violations issued by municipalities to car rental companies and dealerships with service loaner cars.

“A number of TSD customers work with VMS to improve the efficiency of their operations. TSD now provides this technology with our Web-based TSD RENTAL.NET and TSD LOANER, making VMS services available to both the rental and dealership markets,” said Charles Grieco, CEO of TSD.

By turning over the billing process to a specialized, respected company dedicated to that business, customers can focus on what they do best: rent cars and/or provide service loaners to their customers. Dennis Round, the founder and president of VMS, said, “The business model developed by VMS over the last 20 years all but eliminates the hassle, expense, and customer service issues associated with unpaid parking violations. Some customers have seen as much as a 100 percent increase in reimbursements with an average success rate 50 percent higher than what rental operators and dealerships generally collect on their own.

"New and existing TSD customers currently using any of its software products will be able to seamlessly tap into our state of the art billing, processing, and management system, while shielding themselves from the unintended customer service complications associated with unpaid violations.”