Sixt is tapping into new target groups: Special service conditions for sport clubs as well as film and television producers, according to a Dec. 1 press release.

Sixt said it agreed on a series of important measures aimed at successfully continuing its international expansion at the Annual General Convention (AGC) in Berlin, where the car rental agency united representatives from more than 105 countries.
International Expansion Progresses
Up to now, Sixt has recorded turnover that exceeds its earlier expectations at its U.S. outlets, where the company launched business at the beginning of the year. The client base visiting Sixt stores in the U.S. is not just comprised of Europeans; a large proportion of Sixt patrons are from North or South America.

Sixt’s expansion in the U.S. will also power the further development of the firm’s presence in Latin American and Caribbean nations, with additional outlets to be opened in the remaining days of 2011.

The auto rental and leasing company also plans to tap further markets in Africa and Asia starting in 2012. By mid-year, Sixt will have established a presence in 11 nations in Asia alone.

Worldwide Chauffeur Services
Sixt has extended its Sixt Limousine Service to more countries. Its high-class services are now available in markets as diverse as Peru, Argentina, Bahrain and Kenya. In all these places, the Sixt Limousine Service provides a clear competitive advantage over other car rental companies.

Comprehensive Services for Film, Television Producers
Sixt has also opened up new target groups: The company is now the exclusive car-rental partner for German film and television producers, offering particularly attractive service conditions to German Producers Alliance – Film & Television members wishing to hire vehicles. Meaning when they are planning shoots, small, medium sized and large production companies can rely on all-encompassing and tailored mobility services.

Special Service Discounts for Athletes
Sixt is also a Deutscher Sportausweis (German sporting ID) organization co-operation partner, as of now. German sporting ID holders will receive discounts of up to 10% when renting a vehicle through Sixt. This will enable German sport clubs to enjoy high-quality mobility at reasonable prices; they can potentially rent out various vehicles such as vans, team buses or limousines, depending on their current needs. Further information is available at

Global Corporate Responsibility Program
The Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation, under the motto “Drying Little Tears”, will immediately be established as the official corporate social responsibility program (CSR) in each and every country where Sixt is currently active around the world.