Last month, National Car Rental celebrated the 25th anniversary of its frequent renter program, the Emerald Club, according to National.

Over the years, the Emerald Club, which doesn’t have membership fees, has increased its offerings to members, integrating more technology and innovation. New benefits include expedited rental processes with counter bypass, a “Drop & Go” service with e-receipts and electronic “Arrival Alerts.”

Members also gain access to National’s “Emerald Aisle,” an exclusive section of the lot where those who reserved a mid-size car can drive the vehicle of their choice. Emerald Club members only pay the mid-size rate even if they select a larger-class vehicle. There are 63 available Emerald Aisles in the U.S. and Canada, including locations at the top 50 airports for business travel.

Buzz Doering, a 25-year charter of the Emerald Club, has been taking advantage of this service since the start of his business. As the president of Buzz Doering Consulting, Doering is an independent consultant who specializes in vehicle leasing. He travels weekly and says that he rents about five vehicles per month on average. Doering has chosen National over its competitors because of the benefits he acquires as a frequent renter.

“When you’re renting cars as much as I am, you have to look at what you’re given,” Doering said.  “With National’s Emerald Club, if I rent five days, I get one free — that’s huge. Also, the service is convenient and easy, the cars are nice and I can choose the one I want with Emerald Aisle, and National takes care of you when you have a problem.”

The Emerald Club’s new technological advancements also give Doering what he needs to make his frequent traveling more efficient.  “I travel almost every day,” Doering said. “I don’t check my bags; I don’t have a lot of time to waste. But being an Emerald Club member, I can waltz in, bypass the counter, pick my car and then leave. And if I don’t have time for a receipt, they’ll just email it to me.”

According to Rob Connors, assistant vice president of marketing for National Car Rental, “We relentlessly pursue our goal to make the rental experience faster, more convenient and more streamlined for our valued Emerald Club members. That’s why our membership grows each year.”

Additionally, National integrates strong customer service into their Emerald Club offerings, which is another reason why Doering chooses National. “There are representatives there both when I rent the car and when I bring it back,” Doering said. “These folks are a step above the average employee.”

The Emerald Club was named the 2010 and 2011 Best Rental Car Loyalty Program in the annual Editors’ Choice Awards by SmarterTravel.

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— By Brittni Rubin