An un-named car rental company in Bukit Batok of Singapore used its vehicle-installed GPS to track a rental car after it was reported stolen by the company’s customer, who didn’t notify the company until a day after the vehicle was supposed to be returned, according to The New Paper.

Within an hour of receiving the phone call, the car rental company located the vehicle to Johor Bahru, the largest and most southern city in Malaysia just north of Singapore. The vehicle was parked beside a bank and the license plate had been changed, according to the car rental employees, who wished to remain anonymous.

The workers contacted local police, and together they waited for about 20 minutes before two men approached the car. The employees were able to grab one of them while the other got away. There was about $1,000 in damages to the vehicle, the article states.

The customer who rented the stolen vehicle was called into the rental car office the same day of retrieval, which the customer had no knowledge of. When asked when and where exactly the vehicle was stolen, the customer’s claims did not match the GPS records. The customer denied any charges.

Police were contacted, in which they told the car rental company to get a lawyer.

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