A new vendor to the car rental industry, CarCloud is offering its CarCloud Mobile and CarCloud kiosk products globally, the company announced this week.

Car rental customers are increasingly searching for vehicles using smartphones. They are also exposed to new on-premise digital channels such as touchscreens in travel, leisure and retail environments. CarCloud uses cloud services for both its mobile product and touchscreen kiosks for a low ongoing cost, according to the company.

About the products:

  • CarCloud Mobile provides operators with a mobile site that is fully-branded, delivers a rich customer experience and integrates with an operator’s existing booking system. Last month, Carcloud published this short cartoon that illustrates why car rental operators are losing money from mobile.

  • CarCloud Kiosk is a free-standing, lightweight touchscreen kiosk designed for deployment at hotels and other partner locations, where it will promote the operator’s brand while generating revenue through instant reservations. It is an on-premise channel-to-market that acts as rich digital signage promoting monthly offers, while providing easy-to-use booking screens with live rates and instant reservation. Earlier this year, CarCloud released this video below demonstrating Carcloud Kiosk.

In June 2012, CarCloud partnered with Thermeon — a relationship that will offer integrated mobile and kiosk solutions to Thermeon’s CARS+ clients in 51 countries.

CarCloud CEO Chris Seymour says that unlike most existing car rental product vendors, CarCloud exclusively provides sales and marketing solutions.

“We’re there to help operators increase their revenue, promote their brand and improve their customer’s experience,” Seymour said. “We integrate nicely with existing booking systems and have no interest in making operators change what’s already working for them — we just want to help them make more money.”

Seymour added that operators shouldn’t have to struggle to keep up with consumer technology. “Consumer technology is moving fast and constantly changing. Operators shouldn’t have to worry about what’s coming next year to smartphones, tablets or touchscreens — they should have easy, measurable solutions they can trust, letting them focus on their core business,” he said.

For more information go to www.carcloud.com or email chris@carcloud.com.