Avis Car Rental launched a new marketing campaign on Aug. 27 that aims to redefine the role of rental cars for corporate travelers.

The “It's Your Space,” campaign, created by Avis’ advertising agency of record Leo Burnett Business, is focused on how business professionals use the rental vehicle as a secondary workplace when traveling.

Three national TV commercials (a back-to-back video of all three can be viewed below) demonstrate different business travel experiences that revolve around a rental car including:

• "Rock Out" which features a business professional preparing for a presentation by singing the words out loud while driving to the meeting.

• "BizcationTM" highlights a business professional on a challenging day and the relaxation he feels when he gets into a rental car to enjoy a mini-vacation with his family.

• "Deal Closer" shows a group of co-workers utilizing their rental vehicle to celebrate before and after a meeting.

The campaign's initial flight will air on network and cable television through November. It will also appear in print advertisements in national newspapers and business publications.

In addition, Avis will release an iPad campaign through a series of interactive scenarios, including “Your get amped space,” “Your inner peace space” and “Your game on space.”

"We recognize that busy professionals are always on the go and yearn for more control over their day," said Jeannine Haas, Avis Budget Group chief marketing officer. “The new campaign illustrates how an Avis rental vehicle gives customers that control so they can prepare for a meeting, recharge or just be themselves — after all, ‘It's Your Space.’”

In terms of its "We Try Harder" slogan, Hass reported to Advertising Age that Avis is not planning to drop the five-decade old motto. She said the slogan is "fully embedded in the Avis DNA." The company's Twitter handle, for example, is @AvisWeTryHarder. But, she said the company's marketing campaigns did need to "evolve in order to keep pace with ever-changing customer needs and preferences."

Here are the new campaign videos: