September 2016

Cover Story

So You Think You Want to Become a Franchisee?

Our rental franchise veterans share their decision-making processes to become franchisees and common challenges to growing successful operations.


Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

Photo via Brey

Considering a franchise investment? Franchise Business Review shares insight on what to look for in a brand, typical costs associated with franchising, and questions to ask before signing the franchise agreement.


Green Motion: Young, Niche, and Nimble

Green Motion opened its first California franchise location at the San Diego International...

The franchise network with an eco-friendly focus is currently operating in 26 countries, including two U.S. state franchises. Green Motion plans to grow through flexible technology, direct connectivity, and smart franchise partnerships.


A Call to Action for Franchisees

Back row (L-R): Sen. Laurence Levitan, chair, Budget and Taxation Committee; Michael DeLorenzo,...

Franchisees — the epitomy of small businesses — have played a key role in the legislative processes that have shaped car rental. Former franchisee Michael DeLorenzo shares how he got involved and helped to get a bill signed that eliminated a titling tax in Maryland.