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Uber, Lyft Decline to Appear at House Transportation Hearing
Chicago Alderman Proposes Ride-Hailing Cap, Congestion Fee
California Senate Passes Bill to Reclassify Ride-Hailing Drivers
British Columbian Government Releases Ride-Hailing Rules
Uber Hires New UK Chief in Preparation for License Renewal
North Carolina Adopts New Ride-Hailing Safety Law
NYC Permanently Caps Number of Ride-Hailing Vehicles
China Plans Crackdown on Illegal Ride-Hailing

China Plans Crackdown on Illegal Ride-Hailing

The Shanghai Urban Transportation Bureau will be paying special attention to problems such as overcharging, refusing rides, detouring, and tampering with taxi meters.

July 1, 2019

NYC Extends Ride-Hailing Cap
Labor Board Classifies Uber Drivers as Contractors
Woman's Murder Prompts South Carolina Ride-Hailing Safety Bill
Uber to Pay $2.6M to Settle Dutch Taxi Violations
Boston to Designate Ride-Hailing Pick-Up, Drop-Off Zones
Ride-Hailing Returns to Barcelona Under New Restrictions
Uber Backs Georgia Ride-Hailing Fee

Uber Backs Georgia Ride-Hailing Fee

While the bill did not get the endorsement of the state's transportation board, Uber backed the legislation, as the company says its services are complementary to public transportation.

March 6, 2019