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LAX to Prohibit Ride-Hailing, Taxi Curbside Pickup
Uber, Lyft Offer Free Rides to Florida Hurricane Shelters
Proposed Uber Policy Offers Drivers $21/h on Trips
Uber, Toronto Airport Open Kiosks for Phone-less Ride-Hailing
Uber to Open Dallas Regional Office
Uber to Launch Helicopter Rides in NYC
1 in 6 Uber, Lyft Vehicles Have Current Safety Recall, Study Finds
Los Angeles Uber, Lyft Drivers Strike Over Pay Cut
Dallas Transit to Subsidize Uber Rides

Dallas Transit to Subsidize Uber Rides

The free and discounted rides will be provided to people living and working in the DART's service areas with limited transportation options.

March 14, 2019

Lyft Plans Initial Public Offering for March
Avis Ranked No. 1 in Customer Loyalty by Brand Keys
Vietnamese Ride-Hailing App Launches in Myanmar
Car Subscription App Fair Raises $385M in Latest Funding
Lyft Files for 2019 IPO

Lyft Files for 2019 IPO

Although Lyft trails Uber in terms of value and market reach, experts said beating Uber to IPO will give Lyft an advantage, as the added attention will cement Lyft as a viable alternative to Uber.

December 6, 2018

Uber Ends Rental Car Program for Drivers