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Uber, Lyft Decline to Appear at House Transportation Hearing
LAX to Prohibit Ride-Hailing, Taxi Curbside Pickup
Chicago Alderman Proposes Ride-Hailing Cap, Congestion Fee
DriveItAway's Dealer Subscription Program to Serve Business Fleets
Uber, Lyft Offer Free Rides to Florida Hurricane Shelters
Proposed Uber Policy Offers Drivers $21/h on Trips
Uber, Toronto Airport Open Kiosks for Phone-less Ride-Hailing
Uber to Open Dallas Regional Office
Uber Hires New UK Chief in Preparation for License Renewal
Ride-Hailing: A Major Contributor to City Congestion

Ride-Hailing: A Major Contributor to City Congestion

The study, commissioned by Uber and Lyft themselves, exposes the ride-hailing congestion problem - and it's worse than we thought. However, Uber says the scale "is dwarfed by that of private cars and commercial vehicles."

August 11, 2019

Toronto Uber Drivers Plan to Unionize
Uber Could Be Violating Antitrust Laws, Judge Says
Uber to Launch Helicopter Rides in NYC
1 in 6 Uber, Lyft Vehicles Have Current Safety Recall, Study Finds
Labor Board Classifies Uber Drivers as Contractors