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Michigan AG Sues Executive Over Breach of Agreement
Congressmen Introduce Bill to Limit State, Local Excise Taxes
California Senate Passes Bill to Reclassify Ride-Hailing Drivers
Lawsuit Claims Michigan AG Campaign Consultant Extorted Executive Car Rental
Europcar Fined $350K for Credit, Debit Card Surcharges
Hertz Motions for Court to Toss Currency Lawsuit
China Executes Ride-Hailing Driver Who Murdered Passenger
Orlando Airport Enterprise Shooting Leaves Vendor Employee Dead
British Columbian Government Releases Ride-Hailing Rules
Uber Hires New UK Chief in Preparation for License Renewal
ACRA Announces 6th Annual DC Legislative Conference
California DMV Investigates Volvo's Subscription Service
Kia, Budget Sued After Rental Car Catches Fire
North Carolina Adopts New Ride-Hailing Safety Law
NYC Permanently Caps Number of Ride-Hailing Vehicles