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CarTrawler Announces 2019 Customer Satisfaction Winners
How Rental Car Companies Can Improve the Customer Experience
Reimagining the Role of the Car Rental Distribution Channel
Choosing a GPS Tracking System

Choosing a GPS Tracking System

With the number and variety of solutions on the market, fleet managers need to carefully consider how both the solution and its providers will help it meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

June 6, 2019

Navotar Receives 2 Industry Awards
Hertz Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Custom Corvette Sweepstakes
Vehicle Rent Introduces New Loyalty Program
CarTrawler Suspends Green Motion’s UK Listings
Enterprise Celebrates Customers, Launches Fan-Ticketed Concert Campaign

Enterprise Celebrates Customers, Launches Fan-Ticketed Concert Campaign

Designed to take fans on a unique musical journey, “Share the Code. Hit the Road” is a one-of-a-kind campaign that puts the power of concert ticketing into fans’ hands through a custom code-sharing method, which will culminate in a show featuring Sir Rosevelt and Cirque de Soleil.

May 30, 2018

2012 Auto Rental Summit

2012 Auto Rental Summit

Photos by Joanne Tucker, associate editor for Auto Rental News   At the first-ever Auto Rental Summit, car rental managers, executives and employees at companies across the globe convened for this two-day training and education conference designed to improve customer service and enhance revenue of car rental operations. In addition to the event, winners of the Auto Rental News Professional of the Year awards were announced. The awards were sponsored by American Express.   The event was held in Hollywood Beach, Fla. on Oct 29-30.   If there are any name misspellings or questions regarding the photo gallery please email Joanne Tucker at

November 6, 2012