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Senators Make Final Attempt to Pass Autonomous Vehicle Bill
NYC Council Considers Cap on Ride-Hailing Vehicles

Domestic Automakers Support Bill to End Excise Taxes on Rental Cars

The American Automotive Policy Council, a representative of the Detroit Three, said it supports H.R. 4175, “The End Discriminatory State Taxes for Automobile Renters Act,” which would prohibit state and local governments from enacting future discriminatory taxes on rental vehicles.

June 23, 2010

Coalition Succeeds in Effort to Stop Repeal of Graves Law

The TRALA, other industry associations, rental companies and vehicle manufacturers formed a diverse coalition, which stood in opposition Congressman Braley’s amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010 to repeal the Graves Law.

June 2, 2010

Hawaii Close to Raising Car Rental Fees

The money raised would go toward construction of a $230 million rental car facility at Honolulu International Airport and an overflow vehicle storage facility at Kahului airport on Maui.

March 31, 2010