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Turo Sues LAX Over Permit Classification, Facility Fees
Enterprise's Stubblefield Headlines 2014 Car Rental Show
Stop Waiting And Jump!

Stop Waiting And Jump!

Jerry Seinfeld would have benefitted from a guaranteed reservation in 1991. We all would today.

July 11, 2013

Help Strengthen The ACRA Network
Industry Converges on Las Vegas for the 2013 Car Rental Show
Attendee Insights from the Car Rental Show
ACRA President: We Still Need Change in the Car Rental Industry

ACRA: Assessing the Election Results

Though the federal election results show that the status quo largely remains, there are changes in state legislatures that will affect committees and issues directly relating to car rental.

January 8, 2013

Guest Editorial: How the November Elections Impact the Car Rental Industry
ACRA: Heed the Call for Legislative Change

ACRA: Heed the Call for Legislative Change

At the 2012 Car Rental Show, Congressman Sam Graves encouraged us to get involved in legislation by contacting our Congress members. From the corporate level to small operators to individuals in the industry, we all need to take action.

May 1, 2012