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Lawsuit Claims Michigan AG Campaign Consultant Extorted Executive Car Rental
China Executes Ride-Hailing Driver Who Murdered Passenger
Orlando Airport Enterprise Shooting Leaves Vendor Employee Dead
Tennessee Men Arrested over Hertz Vehicle Thefts
Renter Put on Hertz’s Do Not Rent List after Gun Left in Car
Video: Florida Exotic Car Rental Owner Attacked, Competitor Suspected
LimePod Vehicles Used in Slew of Thefts, Police Say
Woman's Murder Prompts South Carolina Ride-Hailing Safety Bill
UK Anti-Terrorism Program Created for Rental Car Companies

UK Anti-Terrorism Program Created for Rental Car Companies

The voluntary scheme requires companies to follow a 10-point code of conduct that includes a commitment to reporting suspicious behavior, sharing data with law enforcement, and taking an electronic form of payment for at least a part of the transaction.

December 13, 2018

China’s Ride-Hailing Inspection Reveal Safety, Management Concerns
Beijing to Fine Drivers, Impound Vehicles Used in Illegal Ride-Hailing
Chinese Government Places Tighter Regulations on Ride-Hailing
Oklahoma Rental Agency Missing $50K Mercedes