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Uber, Lyft Decline to Appear at House Transportation Hearing
California Gov. Signs Bill Reducing Time to Report Stolen Vehicles
Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Car Rental Tax Ruling

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Car Rental Tax Ruling

Car rental companies challenged the tax, arguing that it violated a part of the Arizona state constitution that requires tax revenue from rental vehicles to go toward public highways.

October 11, 2019

Woman Sells Stolen Rental Car for Cash and Drugs
Men Returning Rental Vehicle at Orlando International Claimed to Have Bomb in Car
Chicago Alderman Proposes Ride-Hailing Cap, Congestion Fee
ACRA Convenes Sixth Day on the Hill

ACRA Convenes Sixth Day on the Hill

The event consisted of networking, ACRA meetings, guest speakers, an ACRA political action committee reception, and meetings with U.S. representatives and senators on issues affecting the car rental industry.

September 20, 2019

Michigan AG Sues Executive Over Breach of Agreement
Congressmen Introduce Bill to Limit State, Local Excise Taxes
California Senate Passes Bill to Reclassify Ride-Hailing Drivers
Lawsuit Claims Michigan AG Campaign Consultant Extorted Executive Car Rental
Europcar Fined $350K for Credit, Debit Card Surcharges
Hertz Motions for Court to Toss Currency Lawsuit
China Executes Ride-Hailing Driver Who Murdered Passenger
Orlando Airport Enterprise Shooting Leaves Vendor Employee Dead