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Auto Rental News Releases Coronavirus Survey Results

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What Markets Show a Car Rental Rate Gain During the Pandemic?

Rate Gain analyzed rate data from over 28 U.S. markets pre-coronavirus pandemic (Jan 1 to Feb. 28) and after onset of the pandemic (March 1 to April 30). Remarkably, some markets have shown an overall gain, in the early days of the pandemic at least.

Indian Car Rental Bookings Decline

While inter-city bookings have suffered, intra-city car rentals have remained stable, as many are choosing to rent cars in lieu of using public transportation.

Vehicles Remain Popular, But Ownership Need Weakens, Avis Says

According to a mobility report by Avis Budget Group, 82% of respondents said owning a car was still important, but 54% said they are prepared to give up car ownership and rely on long-term rental, on-demand, or subscription services in the future.

The Brazilian Car Rental Market is Booming — In Some Sectors

The major Brazilian car rental companies are on a buying spree, while long-term rentals to commercial customers are keeping the independents afloat. The biggest story, however, is that rental companies are now the biggest suppliers of cars to ride-hailing drivers in the country.