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New Vehicle Sales

Wholesale Used-Vehicle Prices Show Seasonal Decline in September

Manufacturers registered a 0.7% month-over-month price increase and a 2.7% year-over-year rise, indicating still-strong demand for off-rental program units. Fleet/lease consignors experienced a 2.1% sequential price decrease and a 1.9% annual increase, in part from strong dealer demand for rental risk and commercial fleet units.

Used-Vehicle Price Growth Moderating in April

Used-vehicle prices are achieving highs that will start to drive used-vehicle buyers to new cars, says Tom Kontos in Adesa's April Current Used Vehicle Market Conditions and Outlook.

ALG Predicts Gain for Detroit 3 in Residual Values

While 2009 was one of the roughest roads the auto industry has traveled, the road ahead looks more promising for the Detroit 3 with on average gain of approximately 3 percentage points in the 36-month residual outlook.