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Europcar Group Reports 28% Revenue Growth in Q1

This significant increase in Group revenues was supported by the recent acquisitions made by the Group in the last months of 2017.

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car2go's White Paper Highlights Electric Carsharing

car2go has published a white paper showcasing the five main reasons why electric carsharing plays a role in the development of electric mobility.

Montreal Expands Carsharing Service Areas

The city is offering more operation permits and lifting restrictions on electric vehicles in its downtown area.

Chicago Considers Carsharing Pilot Program

Car2go's test is a 500-vehicle pilot program taking place in select parts of Chicago. The company has faced pushback from locals concerned with parking.

car2go Expands Free Online Safety Courses

Free road safety courses will be available to all U.S. car2go members, who can receive drive-time credit upon completion of the program.

Daimler Purchases Europcar Group’s 25% Stake in car2go

In addition to car2go, Daimler Mobility Services is responsible for moovel and mytaxi.

Toronto Delays car2go Parking Program

The pilot program would provide 2,000 permits that would allow vehicles to use permit parking spots for a year.

NYC Car Share Eliminating Available Street Parking, Residents Say

In a statement, city officials said that program will decrease the number of cars on the road, and thus decrease the number of vehicles fighting for a parking spot.

Daimler, BMW Reportedly Merging Car-Sharing Services

The merger is likely an effort by the German brands to compete with U.S.-based ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft.

car2go Faces Parking Issues in Calgary

City counselors determine that the car-sharing service is not violating “clustering” laws despite complaints.