Five Steps to Better Hiring

Finding the right fit for your team is not easy, but your ability to effectively interview and select the best talent will positively impact your bottom line.
Finding the right fit for your team is not easy, but your ability to effectively interview and select the best talent will positively impact your bottom line.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where did that great person we interviewed go?"

While many operators understand the value of a strong sales associate or frontline manager, their efforts get washed away because their selection process is poorly defined — or they do not take the time to be properly involved with it.

Your ability to effectively interview and select the best talent will positively impact your bottom line, your customer’s experience and your team’s morale. Here are five strategies that will improve your selection process.


Whether you are hiring for a high-volume season or proactively recruiting to keep your talent pool fresh, it is important to start with the vision of who you want on your team. Unfortunately, many operators waste time and money on sourcing candidates without clearly defining the ideal ones because they feel pressure to “get as many good people through the door.”

The most effective sales reps and managers will have the S-E-E-E Factor: Sincerity, Empathy, Ego and Energy.

Candidates who are sincere will be effective at selling with conviction and purpose. Their learning curve for a service-based sales process will be much shorter than someone lacking this core trait.

Candidates who are empathetic will be able to relate to their customer base and connect with their new team.

Candidates with a healthy sense of ego will be driven to perform and motivated by recognition. Their ability to not get defeated by the constant barrage of “No’s” will help them remain positive while they strive day-in and day-out to be the best.

Candidates who are energetic will have an easier time engaging customers because of their ability to make a great first impression. Their ability to be passionate about something outside of work will keep them motivated while at work.

After you customize your list of core attributes, benchmark your current top performers and managers against the list. Have your top performers take personality profile assessments, as this will make the benchmarking process precise and convenient. Once the results are calibrated, incorporate the same personality profile assessment into your selection process.


Candidates are mentally hired by most interviewers within the first minute of the interaction, while the interviewers spend the balance of their time justifying their first impression. The same holds true for the candidate as they approach your selection process.

The first impression your organization makes on a candidate is equally important. The person in your company who is in contact with the candidate needs to understand the impact of his or her first impression. That person should have the same S-E-E-E factor that your firm is looking for.

Call this person an “Organization and Opportunity Ambassador.” He or she has to sell the positives of the organization and present the opportunity to the candidate as the best opportunity out there.

Hotel and hospitality firms such as Disney, Marriott, Four Seasons, and Intercontinental Hotels use the Ambassador approach. It’s no wonder these brands are consistently recognized as great places to work and to launch a career.

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  1. michael bian [ September 11, 2013 @ 09:14PM ]

    We need to have more competitive when it comes to marketing.

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