Hertz Taps Former Airline Exec Its President, CEO

John Tague. Photo courtesy of Hertz Corp.
John Tague. Photo courtesy of Hertz Corp.

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. today announced that John P. Tague has been appointed president and chief executive officer and to the company's board of directors, effective November 21, 2014.

Tague's appointment follows a search conducted by the Hertz Board of Directors. The search process was overseen by the board's CEO Search Committee, which is made up of five independent directors, including two recently appointed as part of an agreement with Carl C. Icahn, says the company.

Serving as former president and chief operating officer of United Airlines, Tague is credited with innovative product and pricing programs that drove strong financial performance as well as improved customer satisfaction, according to Hertz.

Most recently, Tague served as chairman and chief executive officer of Cardinal Logistics Holdings, a transportation and logistics provider and private-equity backed company.

"I am honored to have been selected to lead Hertz to its full potential at a time of unprecedented opportunity for the company and industry,” said Tague. “I look forward to partnering with Hertz employees as we work to earn sustained industry leadership for the benefit of our shareholders, customers and team."

"John is a leader whose record shows a relentless focus on execution and high performance, having driven the successful turnaround of other large, complex consumer facing companies such as United Airlines,” said Linda Fayne Levinson, independent non-executive chair of the Hertz Board.

"My team and I, along with Linda Fayne Levinson and other members of the Hertz Search Committee, spent a significant amount of time with a number of highly qualified candidates,” said Carl C. Icahn, chairman of Icahn Enterprises L.P. “The Committee performed an extensive search for the CEO position before the Committee and the Board unanimously selected John Tague as the next CEO of Hertz. I have been involved in a number of CEO searches during the last decade and have been quite impressed by the knowledge and imagination of a number of these candidates, many of whom have turned into very successful CEOs. I am happy to say that after listening to John's ideas concerning Hertz and evaluating what he has accomplished at United, I believe he ranks at or near the top of the group.”


  1. DTG Employee [ November 21, 2014 @ 12:28PM ]

    Mr.Tague - Welcome and Good luck! !
    Welcome to one of the worst companies in the world & Good luck with the worst Senior mgmt team in fhe industry! !
    To succeed you have to change the culture. The company is managed by FEAR! The DTG folks are treated like dirt! The SMT including all the RVP's & most of ZVP's must go.

    May God help you!!

  2. Concerned DTAG Employee [ November 21, 2014 @ 10:36PM ]

    I couldn’t agree more with the prior comment. The head of the snake (that would be the former CEO Mark Frissora in case you were wondering!) has fallen at Hertz. But, many of his “crony’s” are still around, and still in charge… (most of whom should’ve been let go right along with the SNAKE!!!) So, it’s business as usual as far as they’re concerned… (meaning things still get done THE HERTZ WAY or NO WAY AT ALL!!) Within the Hertz Organization there absolutely exists a culture that controls by FEAR! It’s the type of fear that drives Senior Management to NOT LISTEN to reason or accept good COMMON SENSE ideas that could help the company move forward in the right direction… it’s the type of fear that drives Senior Management to talk down to its employees and make them feel like nothing!... it’s the type of fear that “ALLOWS” an accounting scandal to go virtually unchecked for years without so much as a peep out of someone at the top!... (that parts a scandal all its own!) The effort to integrate Dollar Thrifty onto the Hertz Systems has been, (and Continues To Be!), disastrous to say the least. We will never achieve integration anytime soon as long as Hertz continues to stick to its guns to convert DTAG Systems onto “OLD”, “OUTDATED” or “ANTIQUATED” systems! There’s a better/faster way to get the job done in half the time. A successful integration, (which is what we all want in the end), is definitely achievable, but that success is only possible if Senior Management is ready to LISTEN and MAKE SOME VERY TOUGH CHANGES!

  3. Almost a former DTAG emp. [ November 24, 2014 @ 11:38AM ]

    Ditto on both comments.

  4. Former Hertz employee [ December 2, 2014 @ 09:02PM ]

    Wow, I couldn't agree more!!!They lost so many talented managers and employees. The ZVPs,RVPs,SVPs including some of the SPHRs are bunch of incompetent "YES" type of people who drove Hertz to the ground. They actually stop maintenance expenses at the last month of the year and carry the expenses to the next year so they can look good in papers!!!!!! what a schmock!!! (These people)get promoted because they are safe and can be trusted, not because they are competent. Good Luck!!!!!

  5. former customer [ March 17, 2015 @ 01:20PM ]

    The new CEO is treating the car rental business like the airline. He decided to charge customers a $25.00 fee to give a customer who are running late,elderly, disabled or have children a ride to the airport. This service is called terminal direct and is now an option when you rent a car. This service was offered for free before he got there. What ever happened to the customer comes first? I hope Hertz enjoys the loss of customers due to poor customer service and greed. I will be bringing my business to another car rental agency with the rest of my employees! !! Enjoy your 1.45 million dollar salary for running a once good business into the ground! !!!

  6. americanjj [ April 14, 2015 @ 09:48AM ]

    I placed a rental reservation for a Thrifty van online from Carrentals.com in Feb 2015.The picture of the vehicle I chose was a Dodge Grand Caravan (and in parenthesis it said "or similar"). It showed a picture of 7 little men and 4 suitcases as a reference to what capacity the van would handle. Since I have a family of 6, I felt that based upon the picture and the capacity listed that it would be a great fit for our 13 hour drive. I picked up my van from the Carmel, Indiana office on April 2nd, 2015. There was one van left on the lot - a FORD TRANSIT CONNECT. For many of you who don't know what one looks like, go online to a Ford website and check it out. It does NOT hold 7 people and 4 suitcases. It is the equilvelent of a service vehicle with 13 inch wheels and a small gas tank that required filling up 1 and a half more times than the people I was traveling with- who rented from Enterprise a Chrysler Town and Country and had PLENTY of room for a few dollars more than the deal I was supposed to get from Thrifty. When I asked Enterprise if they would price match, they said they didn't do that since Thrifty's cars were inferior to theirs. At the time, I laughed at that statement since a Chrysler and Dodge are basically the same vehicle. Guess Enterprise was right.
    When I questioned the van, I was told it was the last on the lot and that they even had to go somewhere else to get that ugly inferior FORD TRANSIT. They were completely out. They guy in front of me got the last one. That was the most uncomfortable van I have ever been in. It does not fit 4 suitcases. We had to put clothes in duffle bags and sit them inbetween my sons and under their feet - MAJOR SAFETY VIOLATION!!!
    When I brought the van back and told them the issues, they were unwilling to compensate me for the switcheroo they pulled. I contacted customer service today and the gal on the other end told me that the description of the van matches the website. Obviously, she was looking at her own company's website and not a FORD website. Anybody who looks at the picture of this clown car would know immediately that it doesn't meet the specifications of what was advertised on the website. Anyhow, she didn't want to do anything but send a $70 voucher off our next rental. She went on the explain that sometimes they get people who come in last minute to rent a vehicle or that they overbook and she could not guarantee that this same thing wouldn't happen again. Really?? And you really think I am going to rent from you again with the lousy $70 vouchers you offered as compensation??? I really feel this is BAD procedures for rentals and even WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will be sending a letter to the CEO, BBB and since I work in the service industry and see alot of people everyday, I will be telling everyone I know about my experience and advising them to NEVER RENT FROM THRIFTY.

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