Rental Operations

There are many rental operations factors that go into running a car rental company effectively and efficiently. This channel covers all rental operations including vehicle cleaning and maintenance, marketing, training, franchising, front line performance, operator profiles and car sharing.

So You Think You Want to Become a Franchisee?

Our rental franchise veterans share their decision-making processes to become franchisees and common challenges to growing successful operations.


Franchisor, Franchisee, and Vicarious Liability

In what ways can a franchisor be held liable for the actions of its franchisees? We take a look at recent vicarious liability claims involving franchises in other industries that may inform car rental.


Green Motion: Young, Niche, and Nimble

The franchise network with an eco-friendly focus is currently operating in 26 countries, including two U.S. state franchises. Green Motion plans to grow through flexible technology, direct connectivity, and smart franchise partnerships.


Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

Considering a franchise investment? Franchise Business Review shares insight on what to look for in a brand, typical costs associated with franchising, and questions to ask before signing the franchise agreement.


Renting Cars for the Ride-Hailing Revolution

HyreCar wants to rent your fleet to Uber and Lyft drivers.


New Car Rental Franchise Launches in U.S.

U.K.-based Right Cars is already in 23 countries, and it promises to bring small, family-owned car rental businesses in the U.S. into one brand.


A Call to Action for Franchisees

Franchisees — the epitomy of small businesses — have played a key role in the legislative processes that have shaped car rental. Former franchisee Michael DeLorenzo shares how he got involved and helped to get a bill signed that eliminated a titling tax in Maryland.


Car Rental Q&A: What Does the Franchisor Need From Me?

A car rental operator is looking to join a franchise system. As a franchisee, what would the franchisor need from him?


Voting and the Workplace: How to Stay in Compliance with State, Federal Laws

Employers need to understand their obligations regarding allowing employees to take time off to vote, whether they can encourage or dissuade them to vote for specific candidates, and if political paraphernalia is allowed in the workplace.


Trucks, SUVs Boost Rental Vehicle Sales

Manufacturers’ year-to-date sales of trucks and SUVs into the rental market increased 37.6% from 2015 to 2016 — while car sales have dipped 11.9%.


Zipcar Study Finds Fewer Personal Cars on College Campuses

The Zipcar and University of California, Berkeley's Transportation Sustainability Research Center study found that carsharing programs enable 30% of students who live on campus to leave their cars at home.


Rental Company Involved in Dismissal of College Football Players

The University of Miami’s investigation focused on whether these football players received discounted luxury cars in exchange for some future stake in their careers.


Lyft Line Celebrates Second Anniversary

Two years ago, Lyft launched Lyft Line, a daily use ride program where riders heading the same way can share the ride and split the cost.


Uber Names New President of Ridesharing

Jeff Jones, chief marketing officer at Target, will be joining Uber as its president of ridesharing.


What Growth in Tourism Means for Iceland’s Rental Industry

As Iceland’s tourism continues to expand, demand for auto rentals is also rapidly increasing. According to Auto Europe, there has been 195% growth in car rental bookings in Iceland over the past five years.


DriveMyCar Expands UberX Rental Service in Australia

DriveMyCar, a peer-to-peer car rental platform, has expanded its uberX rental service to Queensland and Victoria.


Mex Rent A Car Expands to 11 Affiliate Locations

Mex Rent A Car now has 11 affiliate locations internationally, including Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and St. Maarten.


Rental Customers Help Improve Car Sales in South Africa

In South Africa, the car rental industry accounted for 22% of new car sales. The growing numbers of tourists helped increase the market.


Europcar Australia Supports Road Restoration Project

Europcar Australia is supporting Greenfleet as it launches its Great Ocean Road Restoration Project.


China’s Didi Launches Car Rental Service

Didi Chuxing, a Chinese-based ride-hailing company, has launched its car rental service.


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