Car Rental Likely to Grow in China

Car rental companies and investors have noticed a gap between the number of licensed drivers and privately owned cars, which could result in a high demand for rental cars.


Zipcar to Launch Floating Carsharing Service in Brussels

Zipcar has announced it will launch a floating carsharing service in Brussels starting in September. This service will allow members to pick up and drop off a Zipcar at any location within a set geographical area.


Carsharing Service to Offer Tesla Fleet

White Car will launch its carsharing service in London this summer with a fleet of Tesla Model S electric vehicles.


NFL Investigates Rental Car Crash in Los Angeles

The NFL is investigating a crash involving former quarterback Johnny Manziel that resulted in $90,000 in damages.


Toyota Invests in Uber

Toyota Motor Corp. has invested in Uber as part of a strategic agreement that could eventually provide new leasing options for Uber drivers who select Toyota vehicles.


How One Rent-A-Wreck Franchisee Became a CNBC Star

Ernesto Mongillo, Jr.’s Rent-A-Wreck franchise was named one of CNBC’s 50 Star Franchisees for 2016.


Wholesale Vehicle Prices Up .8% Month-Over-Month

According to the latest Kontos Kommentary, average wholesale prices rose slightly. Falling car prices were offset by a rise in truck prices.


Auto Europe Reserves Fleet During Peak Season

In agreements with suppliers, Auto Europe has sourced and reserved a dedicated fleet of automatic and larger sized rental vehicles in Italy, Germany and Switzerland through September.


Austin Consolidated Rental Car Facility Named Best Industrial Project by Commercial Real Estate Awards

Conrac Solutions has been recognized by the Commercial Real Estate Award for the Austin-Bergstrom consolidated rental car facility.


BlueIndy Opens at Indianapolis International Airport

BlueIndy's all-electric carsharing service is now available to the public at the Indianapolis International Airport.


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