From left to right, Tinashe Ruzane (CEO & co-founder), Marlon Gallardo (VP, LATAM & co-founder)...

From left to right, Tinashe Ruzane (CEO & co-founder), Marlon Gallardo (VP, LATAM & co-founder) and Rudolf Vavruch (CTO & co-founder).

Photo via FlexClub.

Global car rental company Europcar is the latest partner to join FlexClub, the car subscription marketplace, which will support the car rental company to venture into the car subscription space in South Africa.

Since launching its marketplace in 2019, FlexClub’s car subscription marketplace has managed to attract the interest of major automotive and car rental brands, with Europcar and MOTUS being the latest addition to their roster of vehicle partners. Through the marketplace, Europcar will be able to leverage FlexClub’s innovative technology in order to offer car subscriptions looking for a fully digital car shopping experience.

Digital and mobile technologies have been changing global car buying norms, making car subscriptions an increasingly attractive option. The FlexClub approach to car subscriptions serves as an innovative bridge between car rental and auto retail, creating a new digital distribution channel for car rental companies and other automotive players. 

“We’re focused on making it easier for major mobility brands like Europcar to adapt to these changes and partner with us to create a superior digital experience for customers that value their freedom,” FlexClub CEO and co-founder Tinashe Ruzane said in a statement.   

Members in Cape Town and Johannesburg can compare various car subscription offers at a fixed all-inclusive monthly fee and have their chosen vehicle at their door in just a few clicks. The FlexClub car shopping experience is fully digital, covering member signup, payment and vehicle delivery, offering all the convenience tech-savvy consumers have come to expect when shopping online. 

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