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Chris Brown, executive editor of Business Fleet, Auto Rental News, and Fleet Forward, offers his perspective on fleets, auto rental, and the new mobility ecosystem. Along with related publications and online newsletters, Chris produces the International Car Rental Show and the Fleet Forward Conference. Chris is relied on as an industry resource in matters by major media outlets such as the Washington Post, New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and National Public Radio.

Welcome to 2021, Car Rental’s Recovery Year

Be prepared for recently vaccinated customers eager to get back to their lives. They’re going to...

The coming year will begin with upside down fleet patterns, a constricted lending environment, a looming tax liability, and a changed rental customer. Yet by the second half, business could be gangbusters. Will you be ready?

ICRS Experience Day 5: The Hard Part Is Over

Today three seasoned operators explained their present conditions and how they’ve adjusted...

The final day examined whether the car rental industry has turned the corner to meet next year’s challenges. The answer is not about the current travel outlook, which still isn’t pretty. It’s about how car rental companies are reacting to meet those conditions.

ICRS Experience Day 3: All About Fleet

The day’s first seminar convened fleet experts from sales (Mike Muehlenfeld of Walser Fleet),...

We learned that rental fleet allocation will be tight in the next few quarters, so operators will have to work harder to source vehicles. In this massive disruption, renter types are changing too. Third-party platforms are designed to find them.

ICRS Experience Day 1: What We Learned

If you’re not registered for ICRS Experience there’s still time, we’ve got four more days of...

Speakers from J.D. Power outlined surprising findings related to COVID-19 while ACRA outlined a member offer and 2021 priorities. We learned how car rental rates are shaping up and to not let our guard down on Graves protections.

Where Were You in the Beginning of March?

As we began to grasp the enormity of the pandemic, it became clear that an in-person ICRS would...

In a few weeks, the world seemed to teeter on its axis and then spin out of control. Today, businesses willing to evolve will be able to meet the needs of tomorrow’s travelers, while those choosing to stay put won’t survive.

Advantage Lives to Rent Another Car

Advantage was born in 1963 in San Antonio, to Kenneth and Helen Walker, humble, yet...

Advantage has suffered three bankruptcies and ping-ponged from five ownership groups with wildly divergent goals. Yet a slimmed down Advantage under entrepreneurial ownership just might have a chance.

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