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The industry’s scientific approach to channeling vehicles through the used car market will help...


Are We Reaching a Used Car Segment Tipping Point?

The used car market has adopted a Swiss Army-knife approach to managing the “off-lease tsunami,” which turned into a manageable rising tide. Are new market dynamics breathing life into a segment left for a dead, the midsize sedan?

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Carwiz Expands to US

The Orlando location is Carwiz's first U.S. location.

Thanks to the brand new partnership with franchise partner from Orlando, Carwiz has continued its global expansion.


Avis Joins LA's Urban Mobility Lab

Urban Movement Labs (UML) brings together the diverse players needed to successfully implement...

In its first year, UML will work with local communities across L.A. to confront major issues affecting daily life, including the design of city curbs, connecting people to public transit, and providing better transportation options to L.A.’s 50 million annual visitors.