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Utah P2P Carsharing Bill Killed

fficials say that expect to further discuss the topic of P2P taxes and fees after the...

However, last week, the Salt Lake City Council passed a law that will levy fines against people who conduct rental transactions at the airport via P2P companies, as those companies are currently not paying fees to operate at the airport.


Uber Backs Georgia Ride-Hailing Fee

HB 511 would eliminate the state sales tax on rides for hire and replace it with a flat fee.

While the bill did not get the endorsement of the state's transportation board, Uber backed the legislation, as the company says its services are complementary to public transportation.


Utah Lawmakers Move to Regulate P2P Carsharing

The committee's endorsement moves the bill to the full senate for a vote.

Similarly, Salt Lake City is expected to pass an ordinance today that will levy fines between $500 and $1,000 on peer-to-peer carsharing companies that operate at Salt Lake City International Airport without authorization.


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