Having sold Saab in 2009 and then quit Europe altogether in 2017 when GM Europe sold its Opel and Vauxhall brands to the PSA Group (now Stellantis), GM Europe is nosing its way back to Europe.

But this time the offer isn’t metal so much as mobility. 

The brief is for a non-traditional start-up and it will be led by Mahmoud Samara, who is currently VP Cadillac North America sales, service and marketing. But effective December 01, Samara will be president and managing director of GM Europe, based in Zurich, Switzerland. He reports to GM senior VP and president GM International, Steve Kiefer.

Samara, speaking about his appointment, said that GM Europe would not be a traditional mobility player but would look to leverage its $35 billion investment in electric and autonomous vehicles and would include opportunities for mobility products, freight, and software services.

“We will focus on what customers need market by market,” he added.

Samara has already commenced the Cadillac shift to electrification, with the new Lyrick based around the GM Ultium platform and battery pack.

Among the products that might appear in Europe are BrightDrop’s suite of connected products, software and services. Products from the GM brand include the BrightDrop EP1, an electrified and connected pallet developed to transport goods and services over short distances, and BrightDrop EV600, an all-electric light commercial cargo van purpose-built for the delivery of goods and services along with the mid-size EV410.

Added Samara: “Europe is the second largest and fastest growing electric vehicle market in the world, presenting a significant opportunity as GM is about to roll out its comprehensive and cutting-edge EV and AV portfolio along with new and innovative software, autonomous technology and freight and logistics services.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet