Franchisors and affiliates will be able to manage their fleets, from the check-in to check-out...

Franchisors and affiliates will be able to manage their fleets, from the check-in to check-out process, along with quick inventory counts and other features to smooth operation processes.

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Asset tracking platform and telematics provider Zubie announced a partnership with Carwiz, a car rental brand based out of Croatia. This partnership will provide franchisees and Carwiz affiliates with vehicle telematics data such as fleet vehicle health, live location, fuel level, and odometer reading across its locations.

Carwiz is currently located in about 30 countries including Croatia, Greece, Iceland, and Turkey. Although the company is new to the U.S. market, it is already in a few cities including Orlando and Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Carwiz will be using Zubie’s Rental Connect solution as well as possible Rental Management System integrations with counter systems that Zubie is integrated with to report critical vehicle data points designed to streamline operations.

“We all know that saving time equals saving money," said Krešimir Dobrilović, founder & CEO at Carwiz International. "So, we are happy to partner with Zubie because their telematics, which is now part of our menu of offerings, will provide additional value to our brand and significantly facilitate our current and future affiliates’ business. Also, our partners will benefit from this partnership because it will simplify their business by digitising their daily operations and avoiding human error. It is a win-win situation for all."

“Zubie is excited to partner with Carwiz as we both believe that rental operators should work with companies that believe deeply in helping owners improve their operations for long term success," added Mark Novak, chief revenue officer at Zubie. "The data we offer beyond GPS is extensive and encompasses the likes of Vehicle Valuation, SmartMaintenance, engine diagnostic alerts which all play closely with today's crunch on vehicle availability, and necessity to maintain and leverage current assets for growth, especially in the United States.”

Zubie will now be an endorsed partner with Carwiz and its affiliates, providing its car rental guests with a more streamlined check-in and check-out process. In turn, this will provide its employees with access to more accurate information and empower them to provide customers with a better experience from the start.

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