Users can book Zevo vehicles in real-time to get “on demand access” to EVs. - Zevo

Users can book Zevo vehicles in real-time to get “on demand access” to EVs.


Backed by $2 million from a single angel investor, Zevo plans to launch an EV carsharing platform in Dallas and Austin, Texas, in the second quarter.

The platform will work like Airbnb or Vrbo, only for cars. Hosts can use the Zevo app to make their EVs available for booking when they are not using them. Users can book the vehicles in real-time to get “on demand access” to the EVs by the hour, week or month.

“Owners of EVs are sitting on an asset and we want to incentivize them to help make a difference while also putting money in their pocket,” Hebron Sher, co-founder and CEO of Zevo, said in a statement. “Ideally, we’d love to see people running their own business, providing small fleets of EVs, offering users more access and making a difference for their community and the environment.”  

Sher said Zevo will offer “a seamless experience” through a few taps on the company’s app, which is available for Android and Apple smartphones.

In an interview with Dallas Innovates, Sher noted the company is “building a culture around people who care about the environment.”

Sher said he believes people should view their cars as tools and use them in the sharing economy to make money. Zevo will profit through hosting fees, which Sher said will comprise “a small percentage” of the transaction between the host and the guest.

Sher noted that Zevo vehicles will be equally priced—if not cheaper—and more accessible than conventional rental cars.

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