Photo courtesy of Europcar

Photo courtesy of Europcar

The National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia and New Zealand has announced that Europcar will continue as its official car rental partner for the 2017-18 season.

Now in its third year, this partnership has proven beneficial as the league continues to widen its reach, according to Europcar. The NBL is part of the global basketball brand and has an agenda to collaborate with leagues across Asia and the U.S.

“We’ve worked directly with the NBL for a number of years now and have seen the sport grow in popularity exponentially,” said Ron Santiago, Europcar’s managing director. “This renewed partnership with the league aligns well with the Europcar vision of ‘getting more people to games, more often.’ This is not only good for the league, but good for the continued growth of the sport across every level.”

“With its strong presence throughout Australia and New Zealand, Europcar will also help us communicate to local audiences, which is critical to attracting new fans to our great games,” said Jeremy Loeliger, NBL’s chief executive officer.