A recent Advertising Standards Authority ruling is requiring used-approved (certified, preowned) dealers in the UK to be more transparent when selling former fleet, business or rental vehicles, according to an article by Auto Express.

In October 2017, the ASA ruled on behalf of a customer who complained about how the vehicles were advertised. The article reported the cars were advertised as having one previous owner, but not identified as fleet vehicles.

Additionally, the ruling may force used-approved dealers to pay refunds between 25% to 100% of the vehicle's purchase price to owners who purchased rental cars or previous fleet vehicles without knowing.

The ASA said the practice of omitting ownership details is in violation of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

The article makes no mention of whether the vehicles in question failed a used-approved inspection or had been inspected and deemed unsafe, nor does it define whether the ASA makes the distinction between a previous corporate lease or a rental vehicle.

Further, the article provides no evidence that used vehicles from fleets are less mechanically sound than vehicles acquired from private owners.