Last year, the ACRA delegation joins Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK, center), co-sponsor (along with...

Last year, the ACRA delegation joins Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK, center), co-sponsor (along with Tammy Baldwin, D-WI) of the ACRA supported Data Access Advisory Committee Amendment to the Senate AV bill on autonomous vehicle regulations.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Faulkner. 

The American Car Rental Association (ACRA) is inviting the car rental industry to participate in its 6th annual D.C. legislative conference, where attendees will work with lobbyists and policymakers on issue surrounding the industry.

"Last year, the years-long campaign by ACRA’s members to make it more difficult for local governments to tax car rental customers to build stadiums and convention centers paid off, and we need to finish the job in 2019," a press release from the association says. "ACRA is leading the effort to make sure that data being generated by your fleet is owned and controlled by you – the ACRA member – not the manufacturer of the vehicle."

The event will begin Sept. 23 with a networking dinner. Then the next day, ACRA will hold a board of directors meeting, followed by a legislative conference general session, congressional reception, and a private tour of the the U.S. capitol building, among other events. The conference will close Sept. 25 with a meeting with legislatures and their staff.

"Past attendees of the ACRA Legislative Conference have witnessed how ACRA’s members – regular and associate alike – can 'move the needle' with federal legislators on Capitol Hill on policy issues of importance to ACRA and the entire car rental industry," the press release continues. "All attendees will be accompanied by seasoned lobbyists – so whether you are a 'rookie”' lobbyist or an experienced government advocate, you’ll be in good hands."

Those interested in joining the conference can find more information here.

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