ACRA: Car Rental Provides Essential Services
ACRA: Car Rental Provides Essential Services

This open letter was released by the American Car Rental Association:

Personal and commercial transportation – including taxis, delivery services, vehicle rentals and transportation-network providers – are essential for:

• Supporting response efforts

• Aiding in delivery needs

• Ensuring necessary personal mobility

• Preserving government resources

The American Car Rental Association supports the actions of government officials and agencies at all levels – federal, state, county and municipal – to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Increasingly, these actions are mandating the closure of businesses, except for those providing “essential services.” Car rental companies large and small provide such services day-in and day-out to government agencies, other essential businesses, and the public in every community across the country. 

Especially in times of crisis, the vehicle rental industry meets local and often urgent transportation needs for first responders, healthcare workers, and other social-support services such as homecare professionals, food banks and eldercare services.  

In addition, given increased warnings about public venues and transportation, car rentals may be the only viable option for many American citizens facing medical or family emergencies – and, just as importantly, for those who can’t afford to purchase or maintain a personal vehicle. This includes hundreds of thousands of college students and members of the military who are now making their way home all over the United States.

For more information on the essential role played by car rental companies, please contact ACRA’s Executive Director Sharon Faulkner or Government Relations Representative Greg Scott.

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