On January 13, 2000 Dollar Rent A Car Systems, Inc. launched a new, full-service travel website, DollarTravel.com. According to Charles Coniglio, executive director of marketing for Dollar Rent A Car Systems, Inc., “Customers that come into dollar.com then click into DollarTravel.com can get air, hotel or a Dollar car. If a person goes directly to DollarTravel.com, they will have the option of competitive car rental, air and hotel.” Through this service, customers will have access to more than 500 airlines, 40,000 hotel properties and 45 car rental companies.

DollarTravel.com is powered by Trip.com, an online travel service and technology provider serving the professional market. “Dollar has partnered with Trip.com for some of their tools and to handle reservation processing for the competitive car rental, air and hotel. Our relationship is somewhere between a private label and co-brand in that we openly acknowledge that we are powered by Trip.com,” says Coniglio.