PARSIPPANY, N.J. -- Avis Rent A Car System Inc. announced it has partnered with all four major global distribution systems (GDS) to provide direct access to its reservation system. In an effort to build a better global bridge to travel agents worldwide, Avis delivers a transparent communication link to all four GDS partners: Galileo International, Sabre, Worldspan and Amadeus. Among the benefits of transparent interface, travel professionals can now:

* Access the same information as an Avis reservation representative, including real-time inventory and rate availability, by tapping directly into the AvisWizard system.

* Display and compare full range of promotional rates.

* View and confirm customer requests, including special equipment requirements, one-way rates and drop-off charges if applicable.

* Provide their customers with a complete price that includes up-to-the-minute tax, surcharge and fee information.

* Instantly verify any modifications made to a booking. Rate changes and new confirmation numbers come back instantly.

"Participating directly with all four GDS systems has been our goal since the early 1990s when the concept of seamless and transparent connectivity was first launched," said Tom Grubbs, Avis director of marketing automation and travel agency support. "This milestone further strengthens our commitment to make it easier for travel professionals to book Avis as efficiently as possible, with the most accurate and up-to-the minute rental car information available," added Gerard Quirk, vice president of travel industry sales and marketing.

"Being able to provide a complete and reliable rental car cost directly to travel professionals' desks reinforces the level of service and technological developments that travel professionals have come to expect when working with Avis," said John Turato, vice president of technology for Avis.