Toyota Corporate Fleet has announced "Special Spring Incentives" for its 2003 MY Licensee Rent A Car Risk Program. The details of the original program are as follows:

  • Program Type: Licensee Rent A Car - Risk Program
  • Eligible Models:
    Camry $300.00
    Corolla $200.00
    Avalon $1,400.00
    Solara $1,300.00
    4Runner $300.00
    RAV4 $300.00
    Echo $200.00

  • "J" Category Fleet Vehicles ordered from Fleet Production.
  • TMS Fleet Field Manager will notify the account of our ability to produce vehicles during the requested production month.
  • Selling dealers are responsible to ensure the account has approved financing to purchase vehicles.
  • Incentive payments will be made by check to the account in approximately 30 days from when the vehicle is reported sold.
  • Due to a limited supply of Risk vehicles for the 2003 model year, please contact your respective Toyota Fleet Field Manager/Private Distributor Fleet office. This information can be found via our web-site:, under the customer support tab. If you need additional information on this program or any other fleet program offered by Toyota, please visit us on our web-site.
  • SPECIAL ACTIF* INCENTIVE ENHANCEMENT: Association for the Car and Truck Rental Independent Franchises (ACTIF). As a benefit for being a member of ACTIF, Toyota has provided a special enhancement of $75 per Risk vehicle purchased under this program. This is in addition to the above listed incentives.
  • In order for ACTIF members to receive this special ACTIF Risk Incentive, the member must be listed as a member in good standing with ACTIF at the time of submission for reimbursement. For reimbursement, the account must submit a letter requesting payment listing the eligible VINs, Fleet ID and membership name or DBA as listed by ACTIF. This request must be sent to:

    Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
    19001 S. Western Avenue
    Torrance, CA 90509
    Attn: M. Yusuf (Mail Drop A308)

    Program Requirements and Guidelines

  • Franchised automobile dealers, used car dealers and/or brokers are not eligible for this program.
  • Vehicles purchased under this program must not be for resale.
  • Accounts must purchase a minimum of 10 or more Toyotas in the model year.
  • Accounts are required to keep vehicles in-service a minimum of 6 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
  • Vehicles must be titled in the name of the rental account. In cases where the account chooses to finance the purchase through a leasing company, vehicles should be jointly registered with the account and/or, in care of, the lessor.
  • Vehicles must be reported sold to the same account as originally ordered.
  • Acceptance of an order will not constitute a commitment to build Toyota vehicles. We reserve the right to cancel, limit product availability, amend, revise or revoke this program at any time.
  • The Daily RAC account must have a valid Toyota Fleet Identification Number.
  • A completed enrollment form must be submitted with the initial purchase order for the 2003 model year Risk Program.

    Ineligible Units

  • Vehicles not used in daily rental service.
  • Vehicles that have been category transferred from "E" to "J".
  • Units purchased from dealer stock.
  • Vehicles that have not been pre-approved by TMS.

    Any deviation of the above listed Requirements and Guidelines will constitute a breach of this agreement, resulting in cancellation of the Fleet Identification Number.

    All undelivered vehicles will be cancelled and any incentives paid on such vehicles will be charged back.

    For additional information on Toyota Fleet, visit the Web site at Fleet customers will now be able to access all of Toyota’s fleet products, along with competitive comparison information, industry news, links to other fleet industry web-sites, and communicate with Toyota Fleet Field Managers via email.

    Special Spring Incentive Enhancement
    Effective with January orders, March Fleet Production, the TMS Corporate Fleet Department, has added enhancements to the above program. The enhancements are as follows:

    Camry $600
    Corolla* $400
    Avalon $1800
    RAV4 $400

  • All program requirements and guidelines of the originally announced "2003 MY Licensee Rent-A-Car Risk Program" apply.
  • "J" category fleet vehicles ordered from fleet production.
  • All existing licensee risk orders, for 2003MY vehicles, ordered from January 15, 2003 through May 2003 order month and scheduled for delivery between May 2003 through August 2003 will be eligible for this enhancement.
  • *January 15, 2003, is the last order month for the 2003 Corolla. February is the first order month for '04MY Corolla's. Under this program, '04MY Corolla's are included, however, the last order month under this program will be April with August deliveries.
  • Special "ACTIF" incentive still applies.
  • A 2003 "Risk" enrollment form must be completed and on file with Purchase Order. (Disregard if already enrolled).
  • A minimum of 5 vehicles must be ordered for a particular order/delivery month.

    There are a limited number of Camry's, Avalon's and RAV4's available under this special enhancement. Remember, January 15th is build out for the '03MY Corolla's. Orders will be taken on a first come, first served basis, with proper enrollment information and purchase order. Once orders are received, the TMS Corporate Fleet Department will determine and advise you of production month availability.