The Association of Car and Truck Rental Independents and Franchisees (ACTIF) has announced the formation of a new independent committee to evaluate the current business model by which ACTIF operates and make recommendations to the Board about strategic and tactical measures that should be implemented to strengthen the long-term viability of the organization. The committee has been named the Long Term Planning Committee (LTPC) and will be chaired by Neil Abrams of Abrams Consulting Group, Inc.

Marianne Sullivan, President of ACTIF, in explaining the impetus for the formation of the LTPC, comments, “Among ACTIF’s goals for 2004 are increasing membership participation and extending ACTIF’s communication efforts to reach both members and their consumers. Finding success involves building a value statement that will strengthen ACTIF’s coalition of automotive rental business operators to continue working for the universal best interest of the car rental industry.

New challenges to the vitality and long-term viability of ACTIF have arisen as the competitive landscape and business dynamics have changed due to the recent recession in the travel industry and industry consolidation. I believe that at this juncture in the evolution of ACTIF, a reassessment of our direction is critical if we are to realize the full potential of our role as the unified voice and conscience of the U.S. auto rental industry.”

Neil Abrams, Chair of LTPC, in explaining his role states, "The voice of the U.S. auto rental community has become less influential and forceful, and we cannot sit back and endure the stagnation of ACTIF’s value proposition. Consequently, in my capacity as chairman, I am eager to work with the LTPC select group of rental industry veterans to look at ACTIF’s current business model, including its finances and administration, scope and depth of its membership, the value that it brings to its constituency, and its influence in the travel and overall business community."

The following seven individuals, comprising over 150 years of auto rental industry experience, have agreed to serve on the LTPC:

* Neil Abrams, Abrams Consulting Group, Inc. (Chairman)

*Frank Colonna, Triangle Rent A Car

* Roger Gelder, Budget Rent A Car, Atlanta, former ACRA President

* Tom Huling, Thrifty Car Rental, Northwest

*Joe Knight, Fox Rent A Car

* Jim Shapiro, former ACTIF President, former president ACRA, formerly Americar/Payless

* Marianne Sullivan, current ACTIF President, Project Manager, TSD

For further information, contact: Marianne Sullivan – 800-743-1200