Enterprise Rent-A-Car announced plans to add Saturn VUE Green Line Hybrid vehicles to its vehicle line-up for California renters in 2007.

Currently one of the largest providers of alternative fuel rental vehicles, Enterprise is continuing to grow its fleet by adding a variety of alternative fuel vehicles including flex fuel, hybrid and bio diesel in select markets across the United States.

The first wave of approximately 160 hybrid Saturn VUE SUVs will be delivered in the first part of 2007 to select branch locations in the Bay area as well as Los Angeles and Sacramento, with additional deliveries slated throughout next year.

"We continually look at the different fuel efficient vehicles and how to best integrate them into our fleet because these vehicles are very attractive to our customers," said Bay Area Vice President and General Manager Leonard Almalech. "The Saturn VUE Hybrids deliver 20 percent better fuel economy over the standard VUE engine, and if California renters show continued demand for alternative fuel cars we will add more to our fleet."

The introduction of the hybrid vehicles is just one of Enterprise's many environmentally-friendly initiatives. To commemorate Enterprise Rent-A-Car's 50th anniversary, the company is underwriting the planting of 50 million trees over the next 50 years at a total cost of $50 million dollars. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car 50 Million Tree Pledge partners with The National Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service in a long-term commitment to help restore public lands that are in need of reforestation.

California is expected to benefit in particular from the tree plantings because of the onslaught of forest fires in the state each year.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car operates more than 878,000 rental and fleet services vehicles worldwide and has annual revenues of $9.04 billion. Its California operation, with nearly 800 locations, is the company's largest region and the leader in its market. Last year, Enterprise opened more than 400 new locations, increasing its total locations to more than 7,000 in the nation. The company operates more than 900 offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland. Enterprise is currently number 21 on the Forbes "500 Largest Private Companies in America" list. For more information about Enterprise, visit www.enterprise.com.