Employers reject lots of new graduates because of lack of experience. But Enterprise Rent-A-Car sees new college graduates’ newness to the workforce as a positive. The car rental company wants people who are just starting their career. Their philosophy: Bring employees in young, train them in the ways of Enterprise and keep promoting the best of the crop, Forbes reports.

Marie Artim, Enterprise's assistant vice president of recruiting and a graduate of the training program 16 years ago, outlines the company's hiring and training philosophy:

- Enterprise is aiming to hire 8,500 recent graduates this year.

- New hires’ start in the local rental car branches to learn the business from the bottom up.

- Enterprise has a promote-from-within mentality—99 percent of the company's upper management went through the program.

- Enterprise has 225 recruiters who hire regularly for the program, and new people start every single day.

- The management training program pipelines new talent into the company and developes them to take on roles across the organization.

- Everything is on-the-job training—no classroom discussions about customer service, leadership, culture and values.

- The starting salary is based on location. Earnings range from $32,000 to upper 30s.

- Opportunities for advancement come quickly. Gen-Y wants new challenges often.

- Within the eight to 12 months of the training program, there are steps where new hires can get bonuses, recognition and promotions.

- Promotions come in manageable windows of time. At the six- to nine-month point in training, Enterprise takes the trainee to regional headquarters to see other opportunities within the company.

- Enterprise thrives on feedback. There are performance evaluations at 30 days, 90 days, six months and annually for new employees. Plus, weekly one-on-one meetings to go over performance goals and how to learn news skills.

- At the end of the training program, new hires have an interview with the next level of management. It helps determine whether the person is ready to go onto the next level. They take on more responsibility at the branch such as becoming a branch manager.

- Enterprise is a big company, but operates like a small one because it's very decentralized—there are a lot of importance placed on local operations.