The Spring 2009 Tennant Group Roundtable will be held in conjunction with the 2009 Car Rental Show (CRS), scheduled for March 30-31 in Las Vegas.

The Roundtable will be available for free for all attendees of the conference. The two-hour session will take place at 10 a.m. on Monday, March 30, before the official opening of the Car Rental Show.

Similar to dealer “20 Groups,” the Tennant Group Roundtable consists of a select number of non-competing car and truck rental operators. The group compares financial results and receives comparative statements monthly and meets twice yearly to exchange information in an effort to improve their company’s efficiency and profits.

Cash Prize for Best Profit Idea
The Roundtable forum at the Car Rental Show will cover a comparison of actual revenue and expense ratios. Roundtable attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the reasons for the differences, as well as provide valuable information to take back to their businesses.

Additionally, each member of the roundtable will have five minutes to present an idea that will directly improve profits in car rental operations. There will be a handout for each idea presented and attendees of the session will have the opportunity to vote on the best idea. The winner will receive a cash prize. Those who want to participate in the contest must submit their profit ideas in writing to be considered.

Analyze Actual Revenue and Expense Ratios
Attendees will learn a great deal about how to run their operations, says Jim Tennant, a veteran of the car rental industry as a franchisor and franchisee. “Everyone thinks that their rental operation is unique, but they are often surprised at how much they can learn by comparing their revenue and expense ratios to others in the industry—and if different, they’ll learn why,” says Tennant. “There are few accepted rental industry revenue and expense ratios available anymore. Our Roundtable session will look at some actual industry numbers that can be compared to each attendee’s and talk about reasons for any differences. Also, the idea session is sure to be a hit—most Roundtable members feel that the idea session alone is worth the time and expense of attending the meetings,” Tennant says.

“This is an exciting new addition to the Car Rental Show,” says Chris Brown, executive editor of Auto Rental News. “For this year’s show we’ve made a commitment to greater interactivity amongst attendees and a more nuts-and-bolts approach to the seminars. The Tennant Group Roundtable satisfies both. Not only will seminar attendees get to interact with roundtable members; they will gain insight into financial issues that affect the very core of their businesses.”

Scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Hilton, the 2009 Car Rental Show is themed “Building Your Future” and will focus on cost-effective solutions to thrive in the down economy.

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