Mr. Brown,

The National Business Travel Association (NBTA) would like to point out that while the addition of fees described in “Adding Extra Fees: What’s the Law” in the January/February issue of Auto Rental News are legal under the requirements mentioned in the story, we believe these fees are unfair to rental car customers and are strictly used as a profit center.

Itemizing these fees not only undermines the car rental industry’s reputation and integrity, but it also contradicts the consumer-friendly concept of bundling. Bundling is popular because it promotes transparency and “out-the-door” pricing for customers weary (and wary) of last-minute add-ons that exorbitantly drive up the cost of car rentals and create additional accounting and expense management costs for corporate clients.

The car rental industry should look to the recent implementation of airline ancillary fees as a cautionary tale. Because passengers were repeatedly asked to pay more add-on, unbundled fees last year, the industry was soon fighting customer complaints and bad press, and is still doing so to this day. As a matter of fact, U.S. Airways this month rescinded its $2 charge for soft drinks, admitting that it put the airline at a “disadvantage.” This experience shows that fees frustrate customers and ultimately push them to alternatives.

NBTA urges the auto rental industry to consider the impact on car renters and the rental car industry when implementing these fees, no matter the legality. To protect the integrity of the industry, separate line-item fees should be properly calculated, disclosed in advance, and should not serve as a profit center.

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Bill Connors, CTC
Executive Director & COO
National Business Travel Association