Effective Aug. 1, the Taylor family of St. Louis, owner of Alamo Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental, launched a new corporate identity for its growing family of car rental and other transportation businesses: Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Going forward, privately held Enterprise Holdings will serve as the parent corporation that operates Alamo, Enterprise and National, as well as the company’s portfolio of other businesses, including commercial fleet management, used car sales, commercial truck rental and WeCar car sharing.

The launch of Enterprise Holdings also marks the last major step in the integration process following the Taylor family’s acquisition of the Alamo and National operations in 2007. The three car rental service brands will remain unique under the new structure, however, and will continue to focus on distinct customer segments. Front-line employees and their customers will see few changes, as airport and neighborhood locations retain their current signage and trade dress, and consumers will continue to reserve vehicles through brand-specific Web sites.

“Bringing together this strong family of brands has made us the most complete service provider our industry has ever seen, so we needed a name that captured that strength and sense of completeness,” said Andrew C. Taylor, chairman and chief executive officer of Enterprise Holdings. “We believe Enterprise Holdings does just that. ‘Enterprise’ has come to be synonymous with our company’s heritage and industry leadership, and ‘Holdings’ speaks to the breadth and depth of all the services we offer.

“The Enterprise Holdings identity enables us to speak with one unified voice to our communities and employees, as an industry leader and to those customers and business partners who need more than one of our service brand offerings,” Taylor said. “But, just as important, it gives us the flexibility to keep giving Alamo, Enterprise and National customers the service, value and convenience they expect from the service brands they’ve come to know and trust.”

Patrick Farrell, the company’s vice president of marketing and communications, said, “Along with developing the Enterprise Holdings name and a visual identity system to express it, we’ve also taken this opportunity to better articulate the attributes that define us as a company. It’s a way of helping us ensure that whatever we do for customers, under whatever brand may be on our business card, we do it as part of a proud and committed corporate family.”

The attributes that define Enterprise Holdings and characterize what its retail brands have in common are:

  • Heritage – Enterprise Holdings has a rich and distinctive heritage. It has grown through hard work and entrepreneurship, from the tiny operation that founder Jack Taylor started in the lower level of a car dealership to a $13-billion, multi-national industry leader.

  • Leadership – Enterprise Holdings is the market leader at the airport and in neighborhoods because of steady leadership at the top, combined with a consistent ability to understand customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

  • Financial Stability – The company’s financial strength and stability are unmatched in the industry, thanks to a conservative and disciplined long-term management approach.

  • Customer Service – Making sure customers are completely satisfied is at the heart of Enterprise Holdings’ success and will continue to guide the company moving forward.

  • Great Employer – Enterprise Holdings is committed to maintaining its reputation as a good place to work – offering an attractive combination of hands-on training, opportunity for advancement and strong values, which allows the company to consistently attract and retain the best talent.

  • Corporate Citizenship – Enterprise Holdings is an engaged corporate citizen, committed to managing a sustainable business and to making a real difference in its communities and all the parts of the world it touches with its business.

For more information on Enterprise Holdings, visit www.enterpriseholdings.com.