A costly and ongoing challenge in the rental car business is ensuring that rental cars are odor free for its customers. The Hertz Corporation has taken innovative measures and is using the latest technology to ensure its rental cars are odor free by partnering with OMI Industries, manufacturer of Fresh Wave IAQ, an all-natural odor neutralizing technology.

Through the agreement, Hertz is currently using Fresh Wave IAQ technology, a “green” technology, in its cars at rental locations at 72 major U.S. and Canadian airports. In addition, Hertz is introducing Fresh Wave IAQ at 1,000 off-airport locations and 170 licensee locations across the U.S., as well as at Hertz locations at London’s Heathrow and Stansted airports.

“Addressing odor problems is a common challenge for any rental car provider—it can keep cars off the road and result in dissatisfied customers,” said Kent Seavey, Hertz Division vice president, Operations Support, North America. “We wanted to take a progressive approach toward odor neutralization by finding an innovative partner that provides a ‘green’ technology to help us meet these demands, and Fresh Wave IAQ was clearly the best choice. Working collaboratively with OMI, we pioneered a solution that is having an immediate and significant impact on achieving our objectives.”

Prior to partnering with OMI Industries, Hertz conducted extensive research seeking a solution to eliminate odors in its vehicles. OMI’s technical expertise, the science behind its odor neutralizing products, and the fact that Fresh Wave IAQ is safe for Hertz employees and customers, placed OMI Industries in the forefront of other suppliers. Hertz worked with OMI to develop their commercial offering, enabling OMI to expand its consumer Fresh Wave brand into the commercial sector as a result of the partnership.

Unlike other solutions on the market that merely mask odors, Fresh Wave IAQ completely neutralizes odors using only natural ingredients. Comprised of natural plant extracts, the products are biodegradable and non-toxic making them ideal for commercial businesses interested in green/sustainable practices. The product also has a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that compares it to water—ensuring the highest level of safety when using it.

“We are very excited to provide our odor neutralizing solution to a global company like Hertz Corporation,” said Phil Coffey, president of OMI Industries. “What makes this partnership unique is that it has driven us to expand our consumer and industrial offerings into the commercial sector. As such, we are looking to expand this line of business further in 2009 and beyond.”