Avis UK, a long-term partner of UK-based Magenta Technology, has rolled out Magenta’s Wizmap Dispatch and Tracking System across its more than 100 UK stations to enable optimization of the rental fleet cars and drivers on delivery and collection assignments, according to an April 12 press release.

Wizmap has helped to improve Avis’ delivery and collection operations efficiency, reduce rental car idle time and empty miles. It has also enabled Avis to optimize deliveries and collections nationally based on the real-time dynamics of demand, the company reports.

The Wizmap solution delivered to Avis UK by Magenta is a highly customized version of Magenta’s Mobile Workforce Management Solution that comprises allocation of jobs to business resources, PDA-based job dispatch and track-and-trace applications.

While its allocation and PDA-based dispatch modules solve the complex task of everyday delivery and collection planning at the level of individual drivers and cars across stations, the track-and-trace application is highly adapted for Avis’s operational requirements and provides information on where Avis’s drivers are now, where they were at a certain point in time or which routes they take. This enables more informed operational decisions, better controlled rental and secondary car fleet, and ultimately better customer service levels.

Magenta’s PDA application is an essential part of the Wizmap Dispatch and Tracking solution. The tracking data is sent to the system directly from the driver’s mobile devices, making it an ideal solution for Avis’ rental cars.

In addition to communication of driver positioning, assigned jobs details, their statuses,and vehicle check-up details like mileage and fuel readings, the application also features integration with Avis’s preferred satnav solution. Over-the-air updates make it easy to support the solution and provide enhancements with minimal disruption to field-based staff.

The solution features a text messaging service to inform the customers on vehicle delivery or collection for their convenience. Avis staff is now also using Magenta Technology to calculate delivery and collection charges, including fuel costs. The fleet management services support functionality — from service mileage tracking to support of vehicle turn-back process — allows the Avis team to build more efficient business processes and ensure a better control of its delivery and collection fleet.

Hans Mueller, commercial manager for Avis Rent a Car UK, commented, "We strongly believe that success comes to those who get the basics right. Managing Avis’ resources better to deliver a better customer service is a part of this simple strategy, and Magenta’s Wizmap is a great contribution to it and an essential tool which allows us to compete to win over competitors.“

Magenta Technology is a provider of real-time software scheduling solutions for flagship players of the transportation industry including Avis UK, Gist, Corporate Solution Logistics, Tankers International and others.