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Silvercar to Open at Washington Dulles International Airport

Travelers will have the option to rent an Audi A4 starting at $49 per day, or, starting at $79 per day, the Q5.

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Audi Launches Car Rental Service in Singapore

Audi On Demand launched with a fleet of 10 vehicles; rates start at $76 for four hours.

Silvercar Adds Audi Q5 SUV to Its Fleet

The all-new Audi Q5 hits the Silvercar app at select locations in January. Audi A4 sedans will continue to be available at all 18 locations nationwide.

Audi Launches Premium Rental Service

Audi on demand uses technology to connect potential customers directly to the brand in new ways.

VW, Audi 2016-MY Fleet Preview

Volkswagen and Audi hosted their 2016-MY fleet preview at the Porsche headquarters in Atlanta from May 18-20. Fleet managers had a chance to preview new models, and test them in training areas set up to test handling, wet surface driving and maneuverability on a cone course. Photos by Paul Clinton.

Manheim Shows Value of Partnerships at New Service Center

Manheim recently opened a new service center in Riverside, Calif., taking over a former newspaper printing plant. The result has been a boon for the auction, its partners, and the community.

L.A. Auto Show 2013: Cars

Flagship sedans and high-performance sports cars at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show offer company executives and enthusiasts their choice of power and luxury. Photos by Stephane Babcock, Paul Clinton, Joanne Tucker, Amy Winter, and Chris Wolski.

2010 Audi A3 TDI Test Drive

Driving pleasure and green can coexist. Includes Vincentric fleet lifecycle data.

Key Takeaways from NAFA’s 2010 Fleet Management Institute & Expo

North America’s annual gathering of fleet professionals took place this week in Detroit. NAFA FMI is the best place to take the pulse of the fleet industry and look into the future.