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Nissan Leaf

What is Holding Back the Electric Vehicle Revolution?

The movers and shakers in the electric vehicle market offer a candid glimpse into the immediate future of electric vehicles. (With photos!)

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The EV Experience: Is Range Anxiety Real? (Part 2)

In the second part of this blog on electric vehicle experiences, our five Nissan Leaf drivers weigh in on driving impressions, the realities of range anxiety and the unexpected consequences of plugging in instead of gassing up.

The EV Experience: Nissan Leaf Drivers Speak Out (Part 1)

All-electric vehicles are finally in the real world. After 5,000 miles of driving, five Nissan Leaf users share their experiences on the ordering and buying process, charging challenges, figuring costs per mile, the driving experience and the specter of range anxiety. This is part one of a two-part blog, with photos.

Nissan LEAF: How Does it Drive?

Executive Editor Chris Brown takes a test ride in the Nissan LEAF with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

How to Rent an Electric Car

Enterprise and Hertz are rotating the Nissan LEAF into their rental fleets. How do you rent a vehicle with brand-new technology that no one has driven before?

Chevy Volt Test Ride

When it finally makes it to fleet, drivers will like the Volt’s large (for an EV) cargo space, while the gas-power range-extending capabilities should open up a lot more possibilities for fleet applications. Check out the photos.

The Nissan LEAF: an EV, and a Real Car

We took a spin in the Nissan LEAF. The fit-and-finish and drive characteristics are up to North American standards, and the range does not disappoint.

The Promise of the Nissan Leaf – and a Test Drive

Carlos Ghosn says Nissan will have enough capacity to produce 500,000 pure electric vehicles in less than three years. Will the metrics work?