Screen shot from Enterprise's new TV commercial featuring Kristen Bell

Screen shot from Enterprise's new TV commercial featuring Kristen Bell

“If only Enterprise could help me with all of my transportation needs.” That’s the wish expressed by actress Kristen Bell in a new Enterprise TV commercial that reflects the company’s new multimedia advertisement campaign.

The campaign highlights Enterprise’s multiple transportation offerings, including car, truck, and luxury vehicle rental as well as carsharing and car sales. The ad debuted on Jan. 1 and 2, during the first NHL Centennial Classic and the NHL Winter Classic hockey games.

“No matter what your transportation needs may be, Enterprise has you covered,” said Lee Broughton, vice president, Enterprise North American Brand Marketing. “And as driving habits keep evolving, we want to keep reminding our customers that we always have their backs,” “Our new campaign featuring Kristen Bell really brings our brand positioning to life. She’s relatable, inviting and charismatic. We know she will tell our story in an engaging way that really clicks with our customers.”

In addition to the TV advertisement, Bell will also star in a series of digital shorts that will air on Enterprise’s social media properties. In these spots, Bell playfully interacts with Enterprise in a variety of humorous scenarios. For example, in one digital short we see Bell tensely preparing to haggle over the price of an Enterprise Car Sales vehicle as if in a Wild West duel, which quickly turns light-hearted when she learns that each vehicle comes with no-haggle pricing.

Bell’s role as Enterprise spokesperson comes on the heels of actor and comedian Joel McHale’s recent appearance in an advertising campaign that showcased all of the ways Enterprise picks up its customers, according to the company.

“We’re upping our game when it comes to telling the Enterprise story,” said Broughton. “Whether through advertising, social media, content, or other means, we want to make sure customers experience our brand on a variety of different levels, and that they are moved by the engaging stories we’re telling. In this ‘Age of Experience,’ we plan to keep emphasizing interactions over transactions. For us, that’s the key to forming customer connections that last over the long term.”