A screenshot of Dealerware's connected platform. Photo coutesy of Dealerware.

A screenshot of Dealerware's connected platform. Photo coutesy of Dealerware.

Dealerware, a digital-connected loaner management platform, has announced general availability following a limited release earlier in the year.

Dealerware solves the biggest pain points via a connected platform, according to the company. It provides customers with access to real-time dashboards and reporting.

With an app-based approach, Dealerware removes paper and long lines from the vehicle service loaner process, enabling dealerships to put customers in a loaner car faster, according to the company.

“The implementation of Dealerware represented an opportunity to embrace customer-centric, mobile-first technology in order to stay on par with consumer expectations that transactions be done digitally and securely,” said Carl Sewell III, president of operations, Sewell Automotive Companies.

“Dealerware is helping us further instill trust and reliability into the way we do business.”

Dealerware offers the ability to recoup costs like fuel and tolls. By automating tasks related to loaner expense management, users have reported saving up to $2,000 per week in fuel expenses alone, according to the company.

Dealerware's platform also helps protect customers’ data. Digital transactions offer more efficiency and security for dealerships and reduce the risk that paper-based systems present when managing sensitive customer information.

“Unfortunately, dealers have been forced to accept antiquated systems that are out of step with their always-on customers’ expectations,” said Russell Lemmer, founder of Dealerware. “For the first time, Dealerware will enable dealers to take their customer experience to the next level while saving hundreds of thousands a year on loaner programs. Dealers with this technology will have a significant competitive advantage over dealerships using legacy software that has failed to keep pace.”