Temkin Group has released a new research report “Temkin Loyalty Index 2017” that examines the loyalty of 10,000 U.S. consumers to 329 companies across 20 industries.

ACE Rent A Car and Advantage Rent A Car earned the highest Temkin Loyalty Index (TLi) numbers, followed by Mercedes-Benz, Fox Rent A Car, Navy Federal Credit Union, Fujitsu, AmazonFresh, and Siemens, according to the report.

Six out of eight of the firms with the lowest TLi numbers are TV/Internet service providers: Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Communications, Optimum, Dish Networks, and Charter Communications. Anthem and Aetna also had the lowest TLi numbers.

The average TLi for each of the 20 industries increased since last year, according to the report. The 20 industries included are airlines, auto dealers, banks, computer and tablet makers, credit card issuers, fast food chains, grocery chains, health plans, hotel chains, insurance carriers, investment firms, major appliance & TV makers, parcel delivery services, rental car agencies, retailers, software firms, streaming media services, TV and Internet service providers, utilities, and wireless carriers.

"It was great to see such an increase in loyalty from last year, but there's still a big problem with TV/Internet service providers," said Bruce Temkin, managing partner of Temkin Group.

To determine companies' TLi, Temkin Group asked respondents to rate how likely they are to exhibit five loyalty-related behaviors: repurchasing from the company, recommending the company to others, forgiving the company if it makes a mistake, trusting the company, and trying the company's new offerings.

According to the study, here are some highlights from the five areas of loyalty:
•    Customers are most likely to recommend ACE Rent a Car, AmazonFresh, and NFCU and least likely to recommend Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Cox Communications.
•    Customers are most likely to repurchase from Publix, H-E-B, and Trader Joe's and least likely to repurchase from Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Cox Communications.
•    Customers are most likely to forgive Advantage Rent-A-Car, ACE Rent A Car, Fujitsu, and NFCU and least likely to forgive Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox Communications.
•    Customers are most likely to try a new offering from ACE Rent A Car, Advantage Rent-A-Car, and Siemens and least likely to show product loyalty to Fifth Third, Citizens, and Time Warner Cable.
•    USAA and NFCU are the most trusted companies, while Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Cox Communications are the least.